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Pnp pregame with new pipe


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2 thoughts on “Pnp pregame with new pipe

  1. OK, so today is the first day Iʻm checking out this site. I just now saw your “pregame” vid and as it starts, Iʻm thinking “Wow, heʻs a really fucking hot dude,” which you are, but you also came off as a laid back, letʻs do this kinda guy, and BOOM, right on target with a beautiful cloud coming outa your mouth. So it ends and Iʻm still thinking “fucking hot dude.” I clicked on your name and read your story. When I finish it, my mind gets a non-verbal flash of “Dayyyaaaaam, heʻs got brains too!” Brains are great. Very important in life. But still, I keep going back to “really fucking hot dude.” Which you are. If youʻre ever in Honolulu and need someone to show you around, lemme know. Love to parTy with you, really fucking hot dude, Ronnie! >>>>>> David

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